🌹 Friends call me Band. 🌹I make webcomics and the like, and I hope to some day self-publish physical copies for people to hold in their hands and sniff-- I mean read.

--- MINI-LOG ---

. 07-05-22 .Very small update: moved and edited the COMMISSIONS FORM link to be more obvious, since apparently people kept not seeing it.

. 06-10-22 .Added more images to my gallery and added two more slots to my commissions. Now more people can commission me in a month!

. 05-21-22 .Added a new artwork to my Society6 print store! Also added Mastodon back in to the LINKS down below. I'm hoping to be more active on there in the future.



[1,100 birds]

An ongoing Kenshi fancomic that has taken on a life of its own, with an introspective angle.
Hosted on Comicfury.
9 chapters published so far.
read from startread latest chapter

Maeve's Magic Medicines!

A short-story that will be part of an omnibus some time in the future. This is a cozy slice-of-life set in the fantasy world of Eidiese, which addresses how people with pre-existing conditions such as Type-1 Diabetes may survive (an even thrive) in the fantasy world of Eidiese!read it here

the third arbiter

An old dropped sci-fi webcomic hosted on Comicfury that was meant to be 60-90 pages long.
This was to be "an original short-story set on a dead Earth-like planet where even technology has fallen victim to mass extinction."
Unfortunately my approach was unsuitable for completing this in a timely manner and I lost motivation. Hopefully some day I'll be able to return to it.
read it here

There are many other old dropped projects that I'm not willing to mention or link on here. If you are interested, you're free to look through my Comicfury profile and tumblr, but I will not be providing resources here.


Below are some previews of stand-alone art pieces I've done over the past couple years.

Below are previews of comics I've made over the past couple years.


I am currently accepting commissions with SEVEN (7) available customer slots per month.When requesting a commission, please make sure to read all my rules and go through my Commission form for all inquiries.FOR REFERENCE IMAGES PLEASE VIEW MY GALLERYTO VIEW PRICING PRIOR TO VIEWING FORM, PLEASE SCROLL DOWN

This form is designed to allow for easy communication for both me and my clients.If there is anything about my form that is confusing or daunting in any way, please feel free to email me at [email protected] or through DMs and I will try to help clear things up. My goal is to make this process as easy and stress-free as possible for client satisfaction, and I'm always open to suggestions to improve it!

For Twitch Commissions

Order SpecificationsStyle/OptionsUSD Price
Custom EmotesPlease specify quantity in details$30 each
Banners/Graphics---$45 base price

For Illustrations

Order SpecificationsStyle/OptionsUSD Price
+ LineartFlat, Soft, Pencil, or Sketchy+$10
+ ColorsSoft-shaded, Hard-shaded, or flat color+$20
+ Background---+$40
+ Extra Char(s)please specify Quantity in details+$30

For Turnaround Commissions

Order SpecificationsStyle/OptionsUSD Price
4 angles---$70
3 angles---$55
+ LineartFlat, Soft, Pencil, or Sketchy+$10
+ ColorsSoft-shaded, Hard-shaded, or flat color+$20

For Landscape/Scenery Commissions

Order SpecificationsStyle/OptionsUSD Price
Base price---$80
+ LineartFlat, Soft, Pencil, or Sketchy+$10
+ ColorsSoft-shaded, Hard-shaded, or flat color+$20

LINEART options

COLOR options

For Comic Commissions

I am not currently accepting comic commissions at this time.

When my availability opens up for comic commissions, I will only accept one.This section (Comic commissions) will differ from others, as prices are set at an hourly wage of $15/hr. All Comic commissions will be timed in-program and the customer will be updated frequently on the status and time spent on the commission. Please note that orders of this nature can take days, maybe even weeks, depending on the complexity and length of the commission.PLEASE NOTE: I will not accept commissions that do not fit at or below a maximum of 12 pages. I'm not comfortable with doing long projects for customers at this time, and serial commissions are out of the question.
I will also not be doing full-color.
The only multiple choice needed for this section is what style you would prefer, as I have several options available. There is no extra charge for any one style provided.